ADY Company Limited Japan (OSAKA & TOKYO)


Paid capital
Yen12,000,000 (US$100,000)
Founded July 3rd , 1986
Employee 25 (For oversea total 300)
Annual sales
Yen3,000,000,000 (Year 2007 estimate)
Auditor Kodera Account & Audit office
Directors President    Takafumi Fujita
  Director      Soo Yee Wah(Dou Yee Enterprises)

Director      Masanori Terashima

Worldwide Network System

Freising Hong Kong Limited

Fu Sheng(Shenzhen)China Production Factory

Sonic Singapore Private Limited


  1. Import and export of plastic injection mold and die
  2. Import and export of insulation materials, electronic parts & equipments
  3. Development and sales of electronic material and part



Advantek DY Ltd. was founded by Takafumi Fujita in 1986 purposing
on export and import of the  plastic injection mold and electronics
industrial material.

The company grew together with associated companies, Dou Yee
International in Singapore and Advantek Incorporated in USA.
Triangle pacific rim team, Dou Yee  in Singapore, Advantek in USA
and Advantek DY in Japan works very efficient and contributes
costomer satisfaction, and Advantek DY Limited grows with worldwide
network service.

April in 2006, Advantek DY Limited changed a name to "ADY Co.,Ltd."
after Advantek DY management comleted the purchase of the stock
owned by Advantek Ink. in USA.


Electoronics components and material, packing materials, in-mold decoration
foil and its related equipments, dummy components, substrates, clean room
equipments, anti-static agents, MEMS, Solder analysis equipment etc.


Plastic cartride
TopLine: Dummy Components
High power LED
Moisture barrier Material Bag
Glass lens and protection film


In-mold Decoration & IML Product

In Mold Decorated & IML Product

  • In Mold Decoration Direct ink transfer molding
  • In-Mold-Label        Insert/over moulding a print insert
  • In-Mold-Decoration with CCD camera controlled foil feeder


Plastic cartride

Dispending,mixing filling system for 2 component material,
for example silicon urethane or epoxy.


mix_resize2.jpg                200mlCartridges.jpg

  QSYmix.jpg             guntype3.jpg


TopLine : Dummy Components


Get Smart with TopLine Dummies!
Dummy Components. Save money the smart way by using TopLine Dummy Components for
machine evaluation, solder training, and SMT assembly practice. Lead Free now available.
160 page Catalog. One-stop for all dummy requirements.


High power LED

Material for high power LED

  • Material by alumina and alumina-nitride, thick and thin film process
  • Glass or Silicon Glass lens



MIM(Metal Injection Molding) and CIM(Ceramic)parts

Fluid mechanical parts, Print mechanism, Security parts, Paper carrier parts,
Dental parts , etc...



Micro Scanning Mirrors
Micro scanning mirrors provide breakthrough scan speed and ultra low power consumption in just the size of a standard IC chip package. They are designed to scan laser beam into a single line or a two-dimensional pattern. Applications include bar code scanning, laser printing, laser area sensor, LADAR (laser radar), non-contact object sensing, and laser scanning display.

1-D Micro Scanning Mirror
2-D Micro Scanning Mirror
Scanning Mirror Controller


Laser Indication Module
    Laser Indication Module

Real time selectable and size adjustable laser scanned patterns including straight lines, ellipses and circles. All are controlled with a single push button.
MEMS Pico-Projection Display
    Pico-projection module

We are developing mobile projection display module based on MEMS scanning mirror and laser. Applications include personal handheld projector, embedded projector module for mobile devices and automotive head-up display. Right click to download a video clip of the actual image projected by the MEMS pico-projection module with a red laser diode.


Moisture Barrier Material BAG with Zipper.

Our ADY packaging bags are sold in small lots allowing better inventory control, less investment tied up in inventory,

and reduced loss if your needs change.

Moisture Barrier Material BAG with Zipper(without notches)

There are a lot of customers who request smaller quantities, so there are 50bags in a box.

ADY-007 MBY-6565ZIPS
Size: 650x650+30 (mm) , 25.59x25.59+1.18(in)
Thickness: 0.089(mm), 3.5 (mil)
Specifications :PET12/DL/AL7/DL/ON15/PE15/LLD40 (89 μ)


This Moisture Barrier Material BAG with Zipper can be quickly opened with the zipper.
(The upper part of the bag opens and the bottom is heat-sealed.)

Tough film is used and despite it is relative thinness , it is difficult to rip.

There is also static elimination processing of the inside of the bag for electronic component safekeeping. (The inside of the bag is also static elimination processed)

The size of the bag is ideal.

The open upper part has a zipper, you can use it immediately after receiving it.

The lowest quantity is 50bags/case.

It can be used for shading prevention of any special products although it can not provide 100% shading.
(The aluminum foil of which the Moisture Barrier Material bag is composed may have a few micro-pinholes therefore it can not provide 100% shading.)

It is considerably stronger than an ordinary polyethylene bag.

There is still only one size available.

The moisture-proof effect is not as effective as thermal sealing. Please inspect it is performance sufficiently.

We expect that it will be used with a desiccant.

Usage :
Product packing (moisture proof and shading)LED light panel, floor covering material (carpet tiles) and Art Collection, Carrier tape and Cover tape.

For the temporary preservation of products which do not like humidity.

Raw material packing.

Plastic pellets, films and chemical treatments

Should you require a larger quantify, please do not  hesitate to contact us.
We will gladly offer you a generous discount at a competitive price.

Buy only the ADY packaging bags you need. We sell them in small lots so you can reduce waste.

Glass lens and protection film

Glass lens thickness
0.55mm, 0.70mm, 0.8mm, 1.00mm, 1.20mm,  2.50mm

Cell phone, MP3, DVD related products,  watch, automotive etc

Glass material
Na, Ca, SiO4 made in Japan

Surface Hardness
6H (after harden process )

Ball drop test
Drop 9mm steel ball to glass surface
0.7mm thickness or thicker glass…No break drop from 1.7m height
0.55m~0.7m thickness.…No break from 1.5meter height
0.55m or thinner... No break from 1,0mm height

Light transmission

Harden process
Nitric acid process

Cut, polish and edge grind by diamond stone

By water jet(size and shape should be consulted)

Plating and silk print

Safety measure
Glass lens is not broken up(no scatter) due to
scatter protection film, but only crack. We developed protection
film adhesive, no discoloration, good clarity and no inferior
We can laminate plastic film on glass to prevent the scatter

Motorola, Sony, Nokia and all of cell phone makers in China

Special glass
Can be specially produced glass stands 3 times drop by steel ball
12mm with  1/65meter height(glass thickness 1.5mm)

Price information
US$0.80~US$1.60 depending on thickness, size, decoration, glass

Please ask sample based on customer design